I haven't blogged here in a bit so I thought I would share some thoughts with you.. I have several FaceBook fanpages. Each fanpage serves a different function in different niches..

..Recently I decided I wanted to learn how to get my images to go viral. I was curious what type of image would go viral.. 

So what did I learn?

This image I uploaded to one of my facebook fanpages went viral over night.

How Viral You Ask?

So How Did I Pull It Off?

I didn't spend any money. Even as I type this people are liking, sharing and engaing that piece of content. 

It's because I talked about something that effected people. I specifically targeted a message for people who live in my back yard. I addressed something that anyone who knows what I am talking about will agree with.

I only shared it in 2 places.. My wall and my fanpage... The fanpage i shared it on wasn't even popular or anything. It actually was just a hobby page. However I figured out the formula...

Which is very easy to duplicate...

Remember facebook works best for you when you can get people engaging with your stuff. Also uploading stuff directly to facebook is more effective in getting people to see it vs sharing other peoples stuff.


Take out your smartphone go snap some pictures that are unique to you and your local area. 

Before you do that, go start a fanpage with the intent to entertain folks rather than tryting to sell people...

To get people responsive to you and your message first provide them with value that they want.

after you get your numbers up, you can start herding people softly to things you are involved with...

I actually use several fanpages and I segment people from 1 fb fanpage to another...

That's for another story though..........


So What Is Empower Networks Secret?

Love them or hate them, empower network has made a huge splash in an industry that preys on peoples emotions and insecurities.

Some people hate Empower Network because of the way the market. What is interesting to me is that the marketing principles and strategies that empower network uses are the same exact strategies and principles that have been used for decades by many top network marketers.

The difference between empower network and the rest of the competition is just one thing.

They have taken the combined knowledge of the best marketers on the planet and attached a pay structure that is designed to make the actual network marketer rich.

Most network marketing companies are designed to NOT MAKE YOU MONEY until your "team" starts producing.

Folks, there are only 2 reasons why people fail in the network marketing industry.

1. The abuse their warm market to the point where when their friends and family see them they run for the hills.

2. They simply can't get their team to produce.

Why Empower Network Can Make People Rich

I've been online marketing since 2002. I've struggled all the way up to 2011 to make a consistent income from online marketing. 

My skill sets didn't change in 2011. I didn't learn some uber secret marketing strategy.

What I learned that changed my entire life was 1 simple change. I started valuing myself and started getting paid what I was actually worth.

Instead of bringing 150 people into an online network marketing deal. I brought in 10 hardcore people.

Those 10 people resulted in some amazing results. But why? and how did those 10 people help me change my life?

Simply put. Rather than trying to "convince people to join my deal" I looked for people I created relationships over the years who already thought like I did.

I looked for people who were willing to take the bull by the horns so to speak.

I know you may be thinking, (Great so you knew people how is that going to help me?)

Network marketing is about creating powerful relationships with like minded people.

Empower Network was the first company that was actually willing to pay me good money for my effort.

Instead of earning $1 a person or .50 cents a person or hoping that my downline would somehow contribute to my success. 

Everytime I brought someone into my business, I got paid and I got paid good.

Before empower network i would work 60 hours a week with no days off and at the end of the month only make $400 or $500 a month.

Granted it was all from online marketing skills, but still that isn't enough money to quit your job or even pay a mortgage payment. 

With empower network after the first year I was only working aboug 20 hours a week, after 2 years Maybe 4 hours a week.

But I've made 10x's the amount in empower network then I have in any other deal.

Why? How? 

Some folks will say nobody is going to pay for empower network products they cost to much..

*cough *cough --> That's not true, my bank account says otherwise.

The truth is just 1 sale can make you more money than you could earn all year marketing some other binary type network marketing business.

Who's going to pay for empower network?

Isn't that the million dollar question? I will tell you only one type of person will. The person who is friggin sick and tired of being sick and tired. The person who has failed and failed and failed and refuses to give up on their dreams.

Empower Network is just a vessel, it can do nothing for you if you don't do anything for yourself.

Do you actually learn anything of value in empower network?

I've literally spent tens of thousands of dollars learning how to market online over the years. I've gotten more knowledge and skills from empower network than I have from any other deal online period........

So What Is Larry Rivera Using Empower Network FOR?????????

To be 100% honest with you, most people can't afford to have me as a mentor/teacher. That is just a fact.

I use empower network to pre-qualify people to talk to me. What I mean by this is that to start with empower network as an affiliate you have to pay an affiliate fee. 

To use empower network you can use the same blogging platform I am for $25 a month. Why pay that much for a platform when you can use wordpress for free? or have a self hosted one for as little as $6.95 month.

I can give you 1 really good reason. Because if you called me on the phone and asked me to talk to you about online marketing I would charge you $500 an hour to consult you and mentor you.

Even at that price I would be giving you a discount. Or you could take the same courses I have taken in empower network + talk to me personally for free for less than $60 a month..

You do the math. If you believe you can do it by yourself god bless you. I thought the same thing too, that path costed me over $100,000 over the years of failed attempts.

I am no longer actively promoting empower network because again to be brutally honest with you, I can make more money working for myself doing my own thing rather than putting my effort to build empower network.

However I still listen to inner circle audios and as you can see I still blog on empower network.


Because with the internet you can earn Multiple streams of income also, I am committed to helping good people like yourself achieve success online.

Empower Network is awesome, it isn't for everyone but for those that see the vision and are just looking for a chance to prove to themselves they can do it. They have come to the right place...

I am taking the skills I learned in empower network and applying it to my true and real passion in life.

...Martial Arts

You can check out what me and my team have created by visiting my Enter Shaolin Website...

For anyone that decides to join empower network through my link I give you this 100% guaranteed promise...

I have been marketing online since 2002, I have failed a lot and have had lots of successes. I don't do shady marketing tactics, I don't hype stuff up. I will tell you exactly the things I do to make money online. I won't hold anything back from you.

The only person I am interested in helping is someone who is sincere about what they are doing, someone who isn't willing to accept failure as an answer. 

If this is you then I will gladly pick up my telephone and talk to you and help you the best that I can....

Talk to you soon,

-Larry Rivera




I Use My Empower Network Blog This Way

First and formost it's important to understand that the only virtual real estate you own online is the websites you create yourself on your own hosted service.

Anotherwords, even though I use my empower network to spread my influence around online I still use my own self hosted wordpress blog(s).

If you are into internet marketing you should start getting use the idea that in order to really be in business, you need your own sites...

Just look at all the top earners including David Wood they have their own virtual real estate.

The bottom line is regardless of what business opportunity you are in, get your own site. Every last successful marketer on the internet does. So should you.....

My Empower Network Is Another Path To Me

To be honest with you, throughout the years I've influenced thousands of people online. 

If there is one thing I have noticed is a lot of people are tire kickers and slackers. So if someone wants to work with me, I put them through an application process which eventually gets me on the phone.

The process is easy. I write in my blogs (all of them) they find me on skype or facebook and then they contact me.

If they did there part right they already know what I do and are looking for me to help them.

This automatically puts me in a leveraged position with them. 

Fact: I made really good money with empower network and have spent very little money on advertising...

The Reason? 

Because instead of focusing my time making marketing funnels to throw traffic at, I focus my time on being myself and looking for like minded people.

As a result I have brought musicians, martial artist, parents and disgruntled employee's into my business.

I credit my success to my ability to blog and tell my story. So while I like my empower network blog, it's not the only way to find me online. 

It's not the only place I focus my time. I also write in Larry Rivera  among other places online. 

Some of them are self hosted wordpress blogs, some of them or micro blogging platforms like squidoo & hubpages.

The bottom line is I am always writing and I am always telling my story, even when I feel nobody is listening.

That's because writing for me has become a habit and it's only when something becomes a habit is it an effective tool. 

Till Next time,

Larry Rivera

P.S. Check Out My Last Post Empower Network Review - From The Inside Out


Empower Network Review - Does It Actually Work?

Because I am an affiliate to this company, my empower network review is aimed at convincing you that empower network can help you in your online business building.

Question #1 What makes empower network special?

Answer: To answer this question I need to go back to when I first joined Empower Network back in 2011. I already knew how to make money and was making money.

The problem was for the effort I was putting in, I wasn't getting paid for it. If you been in network marketing for any amount of time, you know how hard it can be to earn a profit.

This was my problem, even though I was bringing people into my deal, I was still struggling to earn enough profit to actually feel like I was in a business.

The first lesson I had to learn was that you have to get paid for the effort you put into what you are doing or it's not worth it.

I know makes sense right? At least you would think that accept most people including me was happy making nickles and dimes. 

A good friend of mine who happens to be very successful in business said something to me many years ago.

He said, "Larry you don't get rich slow you get rich fast".

When he said it to me, I didn't really understand what he was saying. It wasn't till years later when I joined empower network and literally watched my income explode did I begin to understand his words.

The fact of the matter is you can rely on your downline actually bringing anyone into your business. The whole leveraging thing that is talked about in network marketing is bull crap.

Sorta! While if you bring the right people into your business. (people who are willing to learn and work) it will be very hard to see the power of leverage in action.

Empower Network Review - It Cost To Much Money They Say

There are no free rides in this world. If your planning to start off small and slowly build your way up you are doomed. 

If you are looking for something low costing that is going to open the doors to prosperity you are doomed....

If your thinking that someone your gonna find some free deal that is going to help lift the burdens of your life you are doomed.

Sadly, there are many people out there who don't like empower network because they believe that it cost to much money to start...

For the most part these same people struggle everyday to make ends meet and I am willing to bet most of them don't even make their ends meet.

I've been marketing on the internet since 2002 and in that time I have come across thousands of marketers.. 

...Let me re-phrase that,

I have come across thousands of marketers who are failing. Over time most of them have already given up on their dreams and kept their day jobs.

So back to what makes Empower Network special?

The fact that if you buy the products and put into application what you earn. You have the ability to literally earn what you are worth..

Because of empower network I seen my first $1000 day, $3000 day and $5000 day. 

I didn't work any harder for empower network than I have for any other online affiliate program I have been apart of. 

The only difference, is empower network reconized how important it was to earn a good commission. They understood how hard it really is to make a living online.

The seen a problem and they fixed it...

In my next article I will talk about the actual empower network products and why I believe they are powerful beyond measure.

Talk to you soon,

Larry Rivera

P.S. This little $25 a month blogging program has literally changed my life. Can it change yours? I don't know, what I do know is that if I can do this I know you can also.

P.S.S If you should decide right now to make a powerful decision and start living the life you deserve, make sure to opt in someone on this blog and watch the video.

If you do that and then you decide your interesting in joining empower network, after you join email me and I'll tell you where I spend my money and how I market my business.. (priceless)


Empower Network - The Deeper The Better Baby!

Not to sound to sultry or anything. However one thing search engines love to see is deep linking.

On wordpress blogs you can install plugins that do it for you. There is one plugin called seo pressor that reminds you to deep link.

Simply put a deep link is just link that points to another post within your empower network blog.

You want to use anchor text when you are deep linking.

Anchor Text: the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.

Make sure that your anchor text is the keyword phrase you are trying to get ranked for. 

Do this for every blog post...  That's my quick rant for the day...

- Larry Rivera



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