I started a test last week. One that I am going to keep running for awhile. I don't know how long I will keep it running, but so far I am happy with the results...

I've read about blogging frequency, some say it's bad to blog all the time. Others say that it doesn't matter how much you blog as long as what you are blogging is in alignment with the niche you are blogging in.

Personally, I've tested on several different platforms over the years to learn the relevance of blogging frequency. What I discovered is without a doubt , blogging often gets you more traffic.

Not just that, you have to be willing to keep at it for a couple of years to really get in the search engines and stay in the search engines...

Blogging is a powerful tool in your marketing. It's not a get rich quick fix. It is part of a smart long term business building strategy. 

It creates credibility, it gives you a place to market your business it also gives you a place to tell your story...

Do you blog? If you do how often do you blog? 

One last note, often times people say I blog all the time but I am not getting any comments....

Just because you may not be seeing  a lot of comments doesn't mean people aren't reading your stuff. 

If your blogging make sure you are tracking your metrics... If your traffic stats are saying your getting traffic and nobody is commenting then look at the bounce rate.

If people are reading longer than 3 minutes, then it's not that they don't like your stuff they are just enjoying your content and that's not a bad thing.

People join stuff and buy stuff when they want. Your job as a blogger is to educate and entertain. If you do your part, then when the time is right for a person they will seek you out...

In my opinion the best way to build a business online is to not try and build a business online.

Having people approach you is always better than you chasing them......

Blogging can help you become the hunted and not the hunter.....

Can you tell that I love to blog?

I want to offer you some sound advice today. I am pretty certain if your reading this blog post its because you are thinking about your online business plan.

I have some information that might help you out here.

First - Internet marketers make it look easy. That could be said for any professional in any niche.

That is afterall what makes them a professional. In the online world though, looks can be decieving. The fact is, it's just as hard to make money online as it off line the only difference is where you work at.

For many folks including myself the allure of working from home is very appealing indeed. 

In the years I've been marketing on the internet I have seen lots of folks with good intentions want to start an online business, but failed at having a good start up business plan.

I highly recommend that you try and connect with and talk to anyone you are thinking about doing business with BEFORE you do business with them.

Get a feel for the person, see how the respond to your questions, find out about how much experience they really have.

It's not good enough to have an idea in your head about what you are going to do. You really need to sit down and write out your online business plan. This way you can refer back to it your first year in business to make sure your on track.

I suggest you create your business plan as well as your vision plan.

What Is A Vision Plan?

I am glad you asked! Your vision plan is where you hope to be in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year. What will you own? Where will you go? What are the things you are going to do then that you can't do now?

Do you get the idea? The point of a vision plan is for you to start manifesting the things in your life that you need to take you to the next level of your life.

You will only go as far as you believe you will. 

Do not just jump in head first and then worry about the details. Take your time, search your soul and make an educated decision on what you really want to do. That little extra patience can mean the difference between making a good decision for you and a bad decision for you....

NOTE: If you really want to do something and you keep coming back to the idea , but you are afraid to do it. JUST DO IT!!!! Fear is crippling and will hold you back in life....

All I am suggesting to you is you look before you leap...



Quick thought for the day!

What if you really could have anything you wanted in the world? What would you choose?

AS the years keep passing you by, life happens to get in the way. We forget the things we hoped for when we were young. 

Stop for a moment and consider the things you wanted out of life. Do you have them yet? What will it take for you to get them?

Do you still dream?

If not, it's time to change your way of thinking. As you reflect today think about the things you wanted out of life. 

Decide to start dreaming again. Decide to believe that you can have the things in life you want.

You deserve it as much as the next person. I truly believe why some people seem to always get what they want while others don't is because those that do believe they will.

The first step into achieving the things you want in life is first believing you deserve them. Next you need to take action steps to get to where you want to be.

It's the way it's always been done, it's the way it will continue to be done.

...End Rant!


Before I knew anything about SEO I was using my blog to close sales... I took a different approach to blogging than the people I saw around me.

...Turns out I was on the right track

Here's what I started doing and if you pay close attention you can start doing it too...

I started blogging to the people on my list. I know what you are thinking......

How do I build a list?

It really isn't that hard, you just need a lead capture page and a compelling offer. There are several ways for you to get leads....

Creating offers for facebook audiances. Sending out solo ads on safelist. Blogging regularly. Word of mouth. Dropping business cards on laundry mat and the list goes on and on.

Building a list is actually the easiest part of the entire operation. The harder part is converting those leads to sales...

So the next question is how do you do that?

This one is a little tricky, however it's still not that difficult once you apply the right verbage, the right mindset and stay in the minds of your prospects....

You do this by blogging to your list regularly and sharing valuable, interesting and or entertaining stuff with them.

This is the most cost effective way to build your business. I've heard that it takes 7 to 14 visits before someone makes a decision. The truth is it can take several months before someone makes a decision.

Just because a person doesn't join your business today, or this month doesn't mean that they won't join in a few months from now.

I've seen it happen over and over. Someone is following me for a long while, because I've maintained a level of contact with the person they make the decision to join.

You may have been on my list for awhile and you can make a powerful decision today and join

It really is that simple. Obviously people love Empower Network. The value is there, the information is there, the blueprint is there.

The only thing missing is you. The only thing you need to be successful with empower network is following directions and taking action.

After you join, I'll send you an email with the details to my badass team....

Note: My team is literally one of the top teams in Empower Network and you will get lots and lots of training and help....





In my opinion there are two types of online business models you can choose to work with.

1. Affiliate marketing 

2. Creating your own business model

There are ton's of people who will say they started a new business when in reality they became an affiliate marketer.

There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, I love affiliate marketing. My point is though call it what it is.

In affiliate marketing you have to obey the terms of services of what ever company you working for.

In some cases you aren't a loud to market online. Some companies forbid you to use their name when you are promoting etc...

If your new to the online game, I recommend getting involved with affiliate marketing before trying to create a product.

It's a good idea to learn the ropes before jumping in and starting something yourself.

With that said I recommend being an affiliate to a program that has a high return on investment or ROI. What I mean by this is that it's important that there is enough commissions in it so that whey you spend your money to market you stand a good chance of getting back your advertising dollars as well as earning a profit to boot.

When I first started marketing online, I spent lots of money and brought people into my business. At the end of the day though, it turned out to be a loosing situation.

The major reason for this is because you don't earn enough money on the front end to keep promoting your business. 

More on that later...

For now I just want you to know that facts. There are only 2 ways to make money online.

1. Affiliate marketing

2. Creating your own product or service.

Next time you hear someone saying they just started a new business and it's in the home business network marketing world remember that they didn't start a business they became an affiliate of an already established business.

I am sure there is an argument where some people will say that you are still in business even if your an affiliate. You will notice that practically every top level affiliate creates their own products.....


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