Just a quick note about people making money in empower network. While I can never guarantee anyone making money online with empower network or any other internet marketing deal.

I can say that myself and others have done very well with empower network. I have actually taken the knowledge I have learned from empower network and applied it to my primary business which happens to be my own online product.

You can see that by visiting Enter Shaolin

So the real question is can you make money with empower network. I don't know the answer to that. I don't know if you are teachable. I don't know if you will take the information you learn and apply it.

I can say the information is life changing. I will say they have an amazing funnel system and lead capture pages...

You will have to decide for yourself. But I will say thousands of people love empower network.


People need answers to their problems. If your thinking about starting an online business. 

If you are struggling in your online business these next few words may help you get through your darkest hour.

Success isn't a destination it's a journey. Unless you go through the pain of struggling you can never get the joy of success.

It's all about fighting the good fight. It's about doing everything in your power to accomplish your goals and live your idea lifestyle.

Stop for a moment and visualize where you want to be right now. How do you want to live right now.

Imagine it, smell it, taste it... Really get in the moment.

Everyday for 5 to 10 minutes put your mind where you want it to be right now. 

You may or may not know this, but your mind will only help you accomplish the things it can see.

If you are not seeing your destination now, you will never get to it.

Your mind is like a gps system so to speak. You put in the cordinates and your mind takes you there.

So my friend...

Where do you want to be?


Daily Motivation Blog - You Think You Know What You Know, Your Wrong though

I know you may be thinking what the hell is Larry talking about? We think we know why we want to start a business online. We think we want to earn thousands and thousands of dollars.

The fact of the matter is starting a business has nothing to do with actually making money. The real reason for doing it is to buy yourself freedom.

Freedom to do the things that a job prevents you from doing. The freedom to decide how much you are worth.

All freedom comes at a high price. More than likely you are doing what I did and that was chase the money.

It wasn't till I started making a decent income on the internet did I realize that what I was trying to accomplish in my life had nothing to do with the money.

I sunk so much money into my online education that I had no choice but to become successful. Failure in my case really wasn't an option.

Daily Motivation Blog - Staying The Course Even In Your Darkest Hours

There is only one varible that will decide if you are going to be successful online. That is consistency over time. It's not how smart you are, or how much money you have to invest in yourself and business. 

It really does come to consistency over time.....

My advice for you today is simply this: Don't give up on your dreams, don't let anyone tell you it's not possible. 

Because my friend it is......

Maybe you are like me and maybe you are not interested in spending all day on facebook.Maybe you don't want to drop thousands of dollars in marketing expenses. 

Maybe you don't even want to talk to anyone ever at all. Maybe you just want the money to roll in.

When you decide to take control of your life and you decide to start living on your terms then you can decide how you want to build your business.

Before that, you have to do whatever it takes. Personally I like to blog. I like the idea that I can type out my thoughts and have search engines crawling to find me.

I like the idea that the work I put in today will reward me tomorrow. 

Daily Motivation Blog - It's Now Or Never

The longer you wait for the right time to start working on your dreams. The more likely your dreams will evaporate into a vague memory of things hoped for. 

You can decide today to start changing your world one word at a time and join our blog ranks.

Here at empower network we fight the forces of evil because we want to get money. Don't you want to get money? 

You always here about the statistic where 95% of the people fail who try and make money online.

You are always hearing people say this or that is a scam. It's like if you say the word money, you are saying a bad word.

People have said all types of things about Empower Network. However, we are still here we are still fighting the forces of evil. We still are not being wussies. 

The question is are you a Wussy? Do you like being called a wuuuussssy?

I sure as heck don't. I looked at all the online opportunities. None of them come close to matching the community and culture that has been created here. 

Will success be easy? NO! 

Nothing worth doing in life is easy. However, the rewards can be greater than your wildest imagination.

So today's daily motivation blog thought of the day is simply this.....

What in tar nation are you waiting for? Just get in already so I can show you exactly what you have to do to start living your dreams...........


I've been real lazy trying to get my empower network blog seo rankings. I am partly to blame. 

...Let me explain,

You see the best way to get these blogs indexed is to only try and get indexed for a few keywords rather than a lot of keywords. 

I have neglected to head that advice and just randomly blog about anything. The fact is though you need to keep your keyword focus on target.

So for example if your keyword is dog training, you want a catagory about dog training and you want to put up a lot of post about dog training. 

On page seo is only part of the story you also want to focus on off page seo like back linking, social network etc...

Personally I don't think the power of these blogs are there ability to get indexed. Rather I think the power of these blogs is to have a built in funnelling system.

If your in a network marketing business or any home based online business for that matter having a blogging platform to talk about whatever business your promoting is a powerful tool.

With that said, 

You can still get your blog indexed if you focus on what I just said. Pick a keyword phrase and every post you do focus on that phrase.

Stay focused and stay consistent.....

That my friends is the secret to ranking in the search engines. Also write something that is interesting. 

Another words take your time and write blog post that are meangingful to the reader.


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